With 25 years of experience in the international transport sector, Idriss BERNOUSSI founded the company CAP MED LOGISTICS in 2014 in Tangier (Morocco).

The company specializes in the refrigerated transport of fruits and vegetables from Morocco to Europe and the transport of all types of packaged goods from Europe to Morocco. CAP MED LOGISTICS makes the initial acquisition of 3 road complexes, complemented by a portfolio of partner carriers selected on the basis of rigorous criteria.

Its clients quickly included European and Moroccan multinationals, world leaders in agro-industry and logistics.


2014: Creation of CAP MED LOGISTICS SARL

2015: Acquisition of the first 3 road units (tractors and refrigerated semi-trailers)

2017: Launch of the maritime transport commission activity

2021: Establishment of a partnership with Méridionale allowing the establishment of a Morocco/Europe transport line with a stopover in Marseille allowing a significant reduction in the carbon footprint

2023: IFS Logistics certification (first Moroccan transport company to obtain this international accreditation)

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In 2022, the company engaged in a certification process IFS Logistics in order to formalize a management policy of quality whose purpose is customer satisfaction, in compliance with regulatory and legal requirements.

The IFS Logistics framework is a quality and security of logistics activities including transportation, storage, distribution, loading and unloading, which promotes security and confidence in the logistics chain.

It provides a framework for logistics companies to meet their customers’ increasing demands for transparency and traceability.

The IFS Logistics is applicable to all types of transport:</ p>
⠄ delivery by road, rail, plane, boat

⠄ for all types of food and non-food products: frozen, refrigerated, stable at room temperature, etc.


Address: Av Abderrahmane el Youssfi, Residence Chorouk Block A N°3 (4th floor), Tangier 90060

Schedules : 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday

Phone: (+212)5393-25055


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